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The DCU Advantage

The DCU Way

Start Planning Early

When it comes to finances, it's never too early to start planning. Having a well thought out game-plan on where you want to be financially tomorrow is something that DCU can help you with.

Members come to DCU for a wide variety of savings products, loan products, and financial services. Believe it or not, almost anyone can be a member of DCU. And over 600,000 people from across the country have decided to do so.

Our philosophy is to provide members with superior value through high dividend rates, low loan rates, easy terms, and caring, professional service. In addition, we develop relationships with providers of other financial services to bring members value and convenience in investing, insurance, and business services.

Opening your first account with DCU is a big deal – not only for you, but for us well. Having a DCU account means you can save money without the fear of it getting lost or stolen, pay your bills on time, and possibly down the road ... get a loan to help you finance your first car or even your college education.

How to Become a DCU Member

To become a member of DCU, you (or your parent if you're under 18 years old) will need to open a Share Account. It's simple and will only take a few minutes. With an initial $5.00 deposit, you'll become a shareholder of the credit union. Unlike banks, DCU has no stockholders. The members (or shareholders) who use our services are our number one priority.

We Return Our Earnings to Our Members!

All credit union earnings return to members as dividends on their savings accounts, competitive loan interest rates, cost of member service, or contribute to reserves.

We Also Provides Tools and Information

In addition to financial services, DCU provides tools and information to help our members handle their finances in a responsible manner. Being fiscally responsible can mean a lot of things including living within your means, following a budget, and paying your bills on time. It can also mean understanding how DCU's products and services can benefit you today and tomorrow to help you achieve your financial goals – and that's where we come in.

One of these tools is BALANCE, which consists of programs to guide you towards financial success. These programs include:

  • Debt and Budget Coaching;
  • Credit Report Review;
  • Student Loan Coaching;
  • Homeownership Coaching;
  • Rental Coaching; and
  • BalanceTrack, which teaches the basics of personal finance

At DCU, we are committed to helping you succeed in educating you and helping you to reach your financial goals.

"People Helping People"

"People helping people" is the credit union industry's mission and as one the largest credit unions in the country, DCU stands behind that statement wholeheartedly. It's always okay (as well as very important) to ask questions when you want to learn more or don't understand something about banking or how to handle your finances. That's what the people at DCU are here for – to help you out each step of the way.