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Keeping A Job

Keeping a job

You've got it! After pounding the pavement, sending out resume after resume, and going on umpteen interviews, you've landed your first job. But, believe it or not, your work has just begun even before you start.

Because now you have a job ... you want to keep that job. Doing the work is only part of it. There are other things that will also influence how successful you are at your new job.

Below are some important things to help you keep your job, and grow within it:

Attendance and Punctuality

Arrive on time, every day. Return from lunch and breaks promptly, every day. Show up for your meetings on time, every time.

This type of punctuality demonstrates respect for others and their time. Many companies document attendance. At some companies, poor attendance and chronic lateness are grounds for termination.

Be Dependable

Follow through. If you've been given an assignment, do it. Make sure you ask questions when you're confused.

It takes less time to do the project right the first time than to do it twice.

If it looks like you can't meet a specific deadline, tell your supervisor as soon as possible.

Expand Your Knowledge

Find ways to expand your knowledge of the company. Ask to attend training sessions. On your own time, read company manuals. Network with company professionals within and outside your department.

The more you know about how the company works, the more you can contribute to its success.

Demonstrate Commitment

Those who take on new projects, get more responsibility and, ultimately, more reward. Sometimes, you need to ask your supervisor for more work. He/she may not realize that you're capable of doing more. Don't wait for your supervisor to give you work. Be proactive and ask for it.

Be a Problem-solver

Instead of telling your supervisor about a problem, tell him/her about a solution. Whenever you uncover a problem or face a difficult solution, figure out the solution on your own.

Take Ownership

When you're given a project, make it your own. You were hired for your unique experience. Draw on that experience to complete your work.

Find Mentors

Look for people to give you guidance. In everything that we do, there are always times we seek advice from others.

Generally, people want to help. Look for people who have been successful in their jobs and ask them for advice when making hard decisions about your career.

Customer Service

In any job, you have several customers. Those that buy the company's product or service are the most obvious.

Other people within your organization are customers too – people that depend on your work. Do your best to make sure that your coworkers can easily get their jobs done.

Develop the Attitude of Enthusiasm

Perhaps the most important factor is a positive attitude towards your employer and your responsibilities.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Whenever people are enthusiastic about their job, they inevitably do it better – or, at least, that's the perception. A simple smile will go a long way in making an unhappy customer happy again.